A few kind words

At home, when he’s sitting and starts to clap, then I start clapping, he’s so pleased with himself-then we all start laughing! …This is all new!…You feel there’s a real connection between Alex and the family!
Wendy – Mother

The Music Therapy sessions are exciting, different and a great way for non-verbal children to express themselves in their own way.
Gemma – Classroom assistant

As a learning disability service, we have found that music therapy within our centre has brought huge advantages to our service users. The therapist has been coming to the centre for a number of years and has built up a great rapport with the clients that she has worked with. She ensures that the session is tailored to the individual client that she is working with at the time, taking into consideration any communication difficulties, listening to them and finding a way to allow our service users to express themselves. The sessions have proven to be very engaging for each service user and has ensured that the foundation for communication has been laid with all our individuals and the therapist ensures that it is person centred.
Assistant Manager – Day Centre, BHSCT

Music therapy has become an important part of the week for a Service User with sensory issues, music has a calming effect and has resulted in her interacting with the music therapist through singing, turn taking and vocalizations.
Day Care Worker – Day Centre, BHSCT

I remember seeing a music session with a family after their child had passed away. It was so beautiful and emotional to see. It was amazing how in the middle of such sadness the therapist was able to support the family through music.
Staff  Member – Horizon House

The young people at our Ward really enjoy their music therapy sessions. They always smile during the sessions and make a lot of music. You are amazing with the young people. Keep it up.
Staff member – RVH Children’s Hospital

Music therapy offers our service users who have poor communication skills the opportunity to express their emotions and feelings. Taking part in group sessions promotes turn taking and gives service users space to build meaningful relationships with others. Service users really look forward to their session each week and relate well with their therapist.
Day Centre Manager, BHSCT

This video clip shows Caidan, aged 5, singing the ‘Hello Song’ and the ‘Goodbye Song’ with the Music Therapist in their final session together. During the ‘Hello Song’, Caidan is reluctant to make eye contact with the Therapist. He plays the tambourine very softly and his singing voice is almost a whisper. After the Music Therapy session, Caidan presents as much more confident. He sings the ‘Goodbye Song’ loudly while playing the ocean drum and making eye contact.


Making a donation

Every donation is appreciated and will be used to help change the lives of children, young people and adults across Northern Ireland through music therapy.
Thank you!