Anne Walsh (CEO) and Julie Allen (Music Therapy Manager) was delighted yesterday to hand over the first of our new Therapeutic Music Packages to Karena Smith from the Children’s Heartbeat Trust.

Each Music package contains a Introduction video, 6 x Music Therapy sessions, an Information leaflet, Lyrics, and a beautiful bag of children’s instruments.

Anne Walsh commented  “ We are absolutely delighted to be passing these new “Therapeutic Music Therapy packs” to the children and their families attached to Clark Clinic, it has been a pleasure working in partnership with the Children’s Heartbeat Trust over the last two years who have facilitated our work. Like many in the community and voluntary sector, we encountered difficulty in maintaining services during the Covid-19 pandemic particularly to individuals who were medically vulnerable. As a consequence we were forced to innovate and have developed this unique resource pack for parents to use with their children. Moving forward these new Music Therapy packs will now give us an added dimension to our service”. Anne also added that “the development of the packs would not have been possible without the full support of the LFT Charitable Trust who have worked in partnership with Every Day Harmony over the last couple of years and have been and continue to be a tremendous support for our work with children who are clinically vulnerable”.


In response Karena said that “We are very excited at Children’s Heartbeat Trust to receive the Music Therapy resource packs and we will use them as the focus of our Family Support plan in January, and we believe that this resource will be very beneficial to CHT families”.